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    We go through the tedious process on your behalf to find the best possible deal with your dealership, to get you into your new car! 

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    Car Buying Service Boston MA

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    Looking for a nearby, hassle-free, and friendly car buying service? offers a variety of services for car price negotiation, buying, negotiating on trade-in value, and even finding the right vehicle for your needs. Our team of experts work throughout New England to connect people with the right car, at the right price, with the right terms.​

    We work directly for you, and we don’t carry any obligation to any dealership or salesperson. It’s a unique car buying experience with an advocate actively working to accomplish the best possible outcome for you! Our team takes the time to thoroughly explain your options and which may or may not be a good fit. Never feel lost or overwhelmed when buying a car again. Turn to for all the support you need!


    Auto Purchasing with a Concierge

    1. Find the exact vehicle you want to buy

    Whether you are shopping online, or going in to dealerships to test drive your car, once you've picked the one you want simply reach out to us to arrange your sale. 

    2. We negotiate the sale price.

    We have your best interests in mind and will do the heavy lifting of negotiating with used or new car salesmen. As your car price negotiator, we will do everything on your behalf and send you your customized report. 

    3. Go pick up your new vehicle!

    To finalize the deal we set in place for you, simply go in to sign the necessary papers to your new car and drive it off the lot! 

    4. You save money!

    Whether you are leasing, financing, or getting the best value for your trade-in towards a new car, we can help you in any of these areas to get the best possible pricing. Typical savings 10-25% MSRP.


    Here is what we charge

    Our approach is straightforward and simple

    The fee is $100 plus a flat rate fee ranging from 0.5 to 1% of the sales price

    Car Price Negotiator Massachusetts

    Many people know that it’s reasonable to negotiate a car’s price or even the trade-in value of a vehicle. What often stops people from diving into negotiations is uncertainty about the process, value, and other elements in a purchase agreement.

     While dealerships used to plan on their customers buying a new car every three or four years, American consumers have turned the tables. Now people are putting more effort into finding the right car that will give them more value over a longer period of time. People who reliably purchase new vehicles and would never buy a used vehicle are now car shopping every seven or eight years. That is double the time that was standard only a few decades ago.

     When you’re looking to get the most out of a new vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the best terms in a contract as well! That is where our service shines. Car price negotiation professionals and car brokerage service options put the buyer’s interests first. As the best car price negotiation team in New England, we take pride in putting your needs ahead of everything else!



    "I was nervous to think about spending too much money on my first car, using a car negotiator was so easy and gave me peace of mind that I got the best deal possible."

    Brianna - MA

    "Was a very easy process, can’t believe we hadn’t thought of doing this before! Jeff was really informative, helpful and easy to work with."

    Declan - CT

    "We were dreading having to go in to the dealership and haggle for hours. Using this service saved us not only time but money! Definitely a good decision any way you look at it."

    James & Renee - RI

    Benefits of Hiring A Price Negotiator for Your Vehicle Purchase

    The Best Car Buying Service in Boston

    Not only do you get the best with, but you get the experience necessary to help you in every future purchase as well. The benefits of working with a price negotiation start right at the beginning when you are still considering which vehicle is right for you.​

    Our team helps you go through the details that can point you in the right direction of your dream vehicle and purchase agreement. Get support in understanding what elements can impact your car note, what maintenance plans are available, and if your trade-in can have a significant impact. Right from the start, you’ll have all the support you could need!

    Expert Car Price Negotiation on Your behalf

    There are few people who know how to communicate with dealership salespeople, and often people only provoke the competitive nature on the sales floor. Experts know how to use facts and present market-based information to help drive a salesperson toward a fair figure and a deal that supports what the car buyer needs. When looking online for "car buying service near me" give us a call first!

    How It Works

    Our expert-driven services provide you the option to not only find the right car for you but also get the best price and a high-value on your trade-in.

     We start with a conversation to learn a bit about what vehicles catch your eye, your price range, and other options, such as whether you’re leasing or buying.

     Our professionals consider every aspect that’s important to you, such as:

    •      Trade-in opportunities

    •      Selling a currently owned vehicle

    •      Extended warranty options

    •      Maintenance needs and plans

    •      Lease or purchase options

     We help you make these big decisions and then use them to guide them toward the best options that fit your needs. This goes against the typical process where people fall in love with a car and then feel as though they need to take whatever offer is made to get it. We go the other way around by putting you first!

    Then we provide professional representation to tackle difficult negotiations. Our team understands that every aspect of buying a car is up for negotiation or debate. Although many people don’t put in the effort because it’s not something that is necessary on a day-to-day basis, the truth is that every aspect of a contract or purchase agreement is something to consider before signing.

    Save Time and Money with Us!

    How often do car buyers get a fair price? It’s likely that it happens far and few between because many care buyers don’t know or want to negotiate on price. They simply want to “sign and drive," a clever slogan that has made it seem like buying a car is all too easy.​ provides new car and trade-in price negotiation services. With our professionals spearheading the negotiation and price discussions for you, you can sit back and wait for a call rather than stressing and scrolling. Looking to buy a car in Boston? Let us handle the heavy lifting for you!


    Car shoppers will often have a vehicle to trade-in, but they may not know the true value of the car or how to negotiate on a trade-in. The result is that people don’t get a fair price on their trade-in, and they often have to pay much more for their new vehicle because of poor negotiations on the trade-in.​

    There is also the present issue of the energy involved in negotiations. Many people are happy to take the initially offered price and sign the first paper they see to avoid the process entirely. helps New England residents get the most for their trade-in through well-researched negotiations that showcase a strong financial acumen and a well-versed understanding of negotiation tactics.

    Why Hire a Car Price Negotiator?

    ​A professional automobile negotiator has an expert level of knowledge about the car business, and all of the in’s and out’s involved in the buying & leasing process. They negotiate on your behalf for the automobile you want to purchase, lease or finance.

    The consumer has a real disadvantage negotiating against professional salesman and managers who have perfected their craft. The better trained the salesperson is, the less likely you will notice.

    There is a planned approach with every single customer who walks into the dealership. There are procedures to followsteps that must by done, all before getting into price. Salespeople are trained on how to build rapport with the customer from the first second of the greeting. There are scripts that must be learned by all salespeople, both for use in-person and on the phone. The whole process is a masterfully well scripted live play directed by the sales manager. Salespeople are trained on a daily basis at some stores to ensure the highest level of “closing the sale”.

    Most people do not like the hassle of “spending hours” at the car dealership. The automobile dealership wants to wear you down. They do not want to see you leave and go to the next dealership! There is no other place people want to avoid more than going to the car dealer to shop for a car!

    Our goal is to negotiate the most competitive deal, at the dealerships of your choice, and set up the entire transaction on an excel spreadsheet so anyone can understand the entire transaction WITHOUT any special knowledge of an Excel spreadsheet. You get to see all of the negotiated prices plus how those low prices translate into monthly payments for financing, leasing or low APR financing.

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